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Poster  - Chess time -

​Graphic Art exhibition Creative Expression Today 2021 September vol.2

​ Venue: RECTO VERSO GALLERY (Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku)

Period: September 7-11, 2021 


Put your favorite poster in the room, put it in a frame and lean it,

Roll it up and store it.

Large-format posters posted in the city, etc.

I love the moment when I look at this and thatis.

this time, myworks too

I want to make it a poster style that can be enjoyed casually,

and​ thought.

Thick cotton paper, thin Japanese paper,

Smooth surface,If you try printing on various types of paper, such as rough and glossy,

a single work

So that we are no longer onena

I enjoyed such a different impression.


The exhibition room is a kind of sterile room that is isolated from the outside called a "white cube", and it is a cosmic space where matter is floating in an empty space.

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