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​Delivered from Lao

Released at Gentosha

On sale February 23, 2023

​size A4 variant

​MORAITES Publicationsへ



"I have something to do today.

And there are things I want to do.


In the bustling city area filled with enthusiasm

Rao moved lightly.


Living in the hot Macau Peninsula

The cool daily life of a delivery lion. "

✧✧✧Pursue excitement and get excitement✧✧of




The work of Lao the Lion isfood delivery.

Lao, who works day and night,

We deliver meals to various customers every day.

One night,

Lao, who went to deliver to the piano workshop,

To the customer of the tunerI would like to invite you into the workshop.

What Lao saw there

always involved in pianoIt was the figure of a tuner.


Lao as a childloved the pianoI remember how I felt...

If you follow Lao's dazzling daily life

Mysteriously brightens my heart

Colorful picture book.

​This story about a delivery lion who used to work all the time and opens up his own path.

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