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​unknown world

Published by Gentosha

On sale November 30, 2022


​30 pages

2022-09-05 (7).png
There are many things in this world that we do not know.
thanks to someone i know that.
A picture book that invites you to an unknown world.


A green town outskirts in southern Germany.
Hellbrao, a craftsman, is working day and night in the chess workshop there.
Hellbrao can be used not only at work, but also when taking a break and on days off.

My head is always filled with spinning tops.

When a long time passed,

Hellbrao suddenly thought that he would like to play chess with a piece he had made himself.

To recruit chess friends.


Around, around, around...

And who came to Hellbrao in a mysterious vehicle...?

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Although the hesitant situation continues,
I chose the form that you can feel free to see in such a way.
​I hope that people living abroad can also read it.
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