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☆☆☆Χαίρω πολύ!☆☆☆你好!☆☆☆안녕하세요!☆☆☆

Picture book"Η Περιπετειώδης βόλτα της κυρίας Αγάπης"(ENTYPOIS PUPBLICATIONS/Greece)






Hello, nice to meet you!
I love writing and Painting more than anything else. Since I was a little girl, I have always loved them. My dream as a junior high school student was to publish my writings and Painting in a book and deliver them to people who need them.
After graduating from Tama Art University in 1998, I continued writing and Painting.
In 2012, I published a picture book, "
Anherica No Sentaku(Angelica's Choice​)".

This picture book is distributed in 150 libraries in Japan. I have also published two poetry books.


Picture book
"Angelica's Choice
-Anherica No Sentaku-"


First book
"Fawn's Rest
-Kojika No Kyusoku-"

シロツメクサ1 (2).jpg

 Book with poems and drawings
"A Crown of White Clover for You"

In 2022, I published a picture book, "Shinarai Sekai (Unknown World)". This is a little story about the sacred beasts. I published this picture book as an e-book because I wanted people all over the world could read it.
Then, I published a picture book, "Lao kara Todokemono (Delivery from Lao)".

It took me about two years to complete this picture book. I hope many of you will take a look at it.

2022-09-05 (7).png

"Unknown World
-Shiranai Sekai-"

Most of my works are hand drawn. Recently, some are combined with digital.

There are wide range of variations in my works, from colorful ones to black-and-white, sketch-like ones.
This is because I change my style according to the theme that I want to communicate.

My imagination has no limits.
It is a great pleasure for me to be able to share my works with you all.
I swear that I will continue my creative activities in a happy spirit!


Picture book
"Delivery From Lao
-Lao Kara Todokemono-"


1975   Born in Oita,Japan

1998   Graduated from Tama Art University, Faculty of Art and Design, major in Printmaking (Lithograph)


'99-'00   Serialized words and lithographs in the literary magazine "Wasteland" (Arechi Publishing)

    ​ (Vol.2 SPRING/Vol.3 SUMMER/Vol.4 AUTUMN/Vol.5 WINTER/Vol.6 SPRING/Vol.7                          ​  SUMMER/Vol.8 AUTUMN)


'99-'01   Published in the literary magazine "12 water stories magazine" (SUNLIGHT LABO.)

     (Vol.2 WINTER/Vol.5 AUTUMN/Vol.7 WINTER/Vol.8 SUMMER/Vol.9 AUTUMN)


2000   Worked on 300 illustrations for the psychological test book "Psycho Express" (Kirakusha),

     born from the TBS TV program "Express"

2001   Interviewed in the literary magazine "Bungei" (Kawade Shobo Shinsha) (Winter 2001 issue)

'00-'02   Worked on Illustrations of "Psychology Test" for the magazine "TOMORROW" (Life Co., Ltd.)      (No.590~604)


2005   Published the first book " Kojika No Kyusoku (Fawn's Rest)" (Windchime Books)

2006   Rented paintings for the TV program "Taigan no Kanojyo (The Girl on the Other Shore)" (WOWOW)

2006   Lectured at Joshibi High School of Art and Design

2007   Published works in the literary book "Fantastic Something" (BOOKLORE)

2008   Published works in the first issue of the literary magazine "Buttons and Ribbons" (Rikuyosha)

2009   Provided paintings for the movie "Heaven's Door" (Asmik Ace Entertainment)

2011   warded 150 poems in the 1st Miyaobi Publishing Grand Prix sponsored by Miyaobi Publishing

2012   Received the Encouragement Award at the 8th "Bungei Shicho" Contemporary Poetry Award for her      poem "Kikanai Kusuri (Ineffective medicine)" and others

2012      Published a picture book "Anherica No Sentaku (Angelica's Choice)" (Shumpusha)       

2012     Published a book with poems and drawings, "Kimi ni Shirotsume kusa no Kanmuri wo (A Crown of      White Clover for You)" (Shumpusha)

2013     Published works in the literary magazine "Bungei Shicho Wave" (Asia Bunkasha)

2013     Lectured at Jumonji University

2016     Held a drawing exhibition and workshop at "Takato Konjaku Monogatari Exhibition" in Shinshu                       Takato Museum of Art (Nagano, Japan)

2016     Produced paintings used in the movie and end credits, and promotional materials for the Japanese                    movie, "Her Sketchbook" (QUAIL FILM)

2020   Held an exhibition of creative picture books and original artwork at Nijino Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

2021   Held an exhibition at RECTO VERSO GALLERY (Tokyo, Japan)

2022   Published e-book "Shiranai Sekai (Unknown World)" (Gentosha)

2023     Published a picture book "Lao Kara Todokemono(Delivery from Lao)" (Gentosha)

2024 ​  Published a picture book "Η Περιπετειώδης βόλτα της κυρίας Αγάπης" (Athens, Greece)

2024   Published a picture book "Λάο, ο διανομέας" (Athens, Greece)

Picture boo "Angelica's Choice (Anherica no Sentaku)" (Shumpusha)     

Μετά τιμής (^^)

Enchanté de vous rencontrer!

Cordiali saluti ♥

 Nice meeting you!



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